Our Pasta

Fresh Pasta

Our fresh pasta is made from 100% Semolina flour shipped from the North Dakota flour mills, known for producing the best flour in the country. Semolina is a delicious, all natural grain that contains less than .05% gluten, making it easy to digest and unparalleled in flavor. We turn this nutritious flour into fresh gourmet pasta with the addition of grade A eggs and filtered water – and that’s it. After twenty-six years of business, Lilly still refuses to cheapen her pasta with lesser-quality filler flours or preservatives of any kind.
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Filled Pasta

Our ravioli, tortellini, tortelloni and gnocchi are always frozen fresh, never pre-cooked. Unlike other manufacturers, who pipe in their pasta fillings, we use a piston-driving mechanism to fill our ravioli. This process guarantees a perfectly filled-to-the-brink ravioli every time, with no extra air or empty shells. We use only fresh ingredients for our delicious fillings; no can openers or shortcuts required. Our filled pastas are wrapped in our signature fresh egg pasta, and our gnocchi are made with real whole potatoes.
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